Welcome to  New Feet Spa
Our goal at New Feet Spa is to provide you with the highest quality experience for every treatment offered in central downtown Toronto. Regardless of the treatment you choose, such as Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, our team of professional and experienced staff will leave you feeling delighted.

The human being lives in a time where the body and mind are continuously being affected by the environment. Many people are in a great hurry most of time. Others are stressed by many factors. Obesity and eating disorders are a reality for millions. Any middle age men or women is running the life at a fast pace.

But we need and claim for a better time and life. People is increasingly looking for more health and wellness. Our body and mind ask for a relaxing time. We need to indulge body, mind and spirit.

The spa is a logical solution to all such situations. New Feet Spa offers you a relaxing time, where you look for something better for your body and mind.